Sound of Music - Live

December 5th - NBC - 8/7c

OK - I have stopped laughing enough to post this, and I am going to do my best to be open minded moving forward. 

If you haven’t heard the original announcement, this is not a joke. Carrie Underwood will indeed play Maria in the upcoming live-filmed 3 hour TV special on NBC. Perhaps, and hopefully so, there was an honesty and innocence to Underwood’s “audition” that made this casting choice more than what it seems - a publicity gimmick. Don’t get me wrong - I love Carrie! But I don’t know how to love her as Maria…yet. But more farfetched things have happened, so this has the potential to be a sleeper hit. 

Regardless, I am more excited to see Audra McDonald, Broadway’s reigning queen bee, in the role of Mother Superior - this is diverse casting done right, unlike the Cinderella mess of 1997. 

True Blood's dreamy Stephen Moyer will play opposite Underwood as the rigidly lovable Captain von Trapp. Christian Borle (SMASH, Legally Blond the Musical) brings his charm to the character Max and Gypsy’Laura Benanti will play Elsa Schrader. 

Underwood will definitely have her work cut out for her given how central Maria’s character is to the show and illustrious supporting cast behind her. However her fan base would be a welcome addition to the musical theater community in an age where musicals are finally coming back into fashion. There are times when certain casting choices are made purely from a business perspective to gain a larger audience (e.g. Broadway’s Chicago and How to Succeed…with their constant casting of cross industry headliners), but perhaps there is a side that we have yet to see from the vibrant country star. 

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